Private-label booking software
seamlessly integrated into your existing brand.

Convert more bookings by enhancing the patron experience
with a fully customized and branded booking engine.
Earn commission on bookings made through your own website.

Private-label lodging booking engines for organizations

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Sundance Film Festival client
Alta Ski Resort Client
Stay Park City client
KSL client
Taos client
Kimball Arts Festival client
Park City Extreme Cup Soccer client
Deer Valley Music Festival client
Mountain Trails Foundation client
Park City client
Park Silly Sunday Market client
Park City Food and Wine Classic client

Revenue Generation

The RootRez platform generates revenue for partners by sharing hotel commissions. Every booking made through a partner website creates valuable commission revenue.

Simplified Experience

The RootRez experience was created with the guest in mind. Key information is presented to customers in an easy-to-understand interface designed to make the booking experience as painless as possible.

Enhanced Patron Tools

The RootRez technology puts power into the hands of the consumer. Guests can sort hotels by the factors that are most important to them, get in-depth information on each property, and more.

No Set-Up Fees

You only pay for the service you receive. Our revenue-based pricing plans don’t involve up-front costs or other hidden fees.

Pricing Models

Our software licensing plans are designed to give you the flexibility
you want at a price that works for you.

Self Managed

Includes a fully hosted and customized booking engine with basic help desk technology support. This is an ideal solution for clients with an existing call center, staff available to operate the system, expertise in managing the client experience, and a goal of maximizing revenue opportunities.

Managed by RootRez

Includes a fully hosted and customized booking engine. RootRez manages all elements of the booking process, lodging market, guest interactions, accounts receivable, a 7-day per week call center, and all content creation and updates. Options with and without revenue sharing are available.

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