Pricing Models

One size does not fit all. We offer software as a service (SaaS) licensing plans that allow you to manage your own service alongside comprehensive packages that let you sit back while we handle the details. Choose the service that suits your business goals, whether that means maximizing your revenue share or selecting low commission models without revenue sharing.

Self Managed
Managed by RootRez
with revenue sharing
Managed by RootRez
without revenue sharing
Seamless integration of private-label booking engine; hosted by RootRez
API connection available to self host
Automated 2-way inventory connectivity to hoteliers/lodging suppliers
Robust extranet for group block management or non-connected suppliers
100% control of what lodging is sold, with ranking, and sort control
Search engine friendly web pages
TripAdvisor integration
Help desk technology support
Content Management System with real-time reporting
Secure, PCI compliant checkout
Automated invoicing system
Marketing team assistance in planning promotional strategies
7 day/week Central Reservation Call Center
Market management
Content management
Accounts Receivable management
Hotel contracting
Group housing services
Revenue to you 10-15% of room revenue 3-7% of room revenue
Cost 3-5% of room revenue 8-12% of room revenue; charged to lodging suppliers 8-12% of room revenue; charged to lodging suppliers
Setup Fee None* None* None*
*Setup fees waived for websites with 25,000+ average monthly web visitors

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